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Bald men are more attractive and confident
19th September - "Easier"
What do you think of baldness?
Written zero 500 years older than scientists thought
17th August - "Harder"
How important is the numeral zero?
Rohingya in humanitarian crisis, says UN
15th September - "Easier"
How can we help the Rohingya people?
Cambridge University may end handwritten exams
13th September - "Harder"
How important is handwriting in today's digital world?
New mummies found near Luxor, Egypt
11th September - "Easier"
What is the attraction of mummies and ancient Egypt?
Hurricane Irma slams into Caribbean
9th September - "Harder"
What do people have to do to survive a hurricane?
Putin warns of 'global catastrophe' over N Korea
7th September - "Easier"
What is the answer to the North Korea crisis?
16 million children in need in South Asia floods
5th September - "Harder"
How can we help those affected by the flooding in South Asia?
Why do people yawn?
3rd September - "Easier"
Why do we yawn?
Irish TV station 'forced' to use Queen's English
1st September - "Harder"
Is there a best style of pronunciation?
New device can smells bombs and diseases
30th August - "Easier"
How useful will artificial intelligence be?
Floyd Mayweather wins richest fight in boxing history
28th August - "Harder"
What do you think of boxing?
Google will check to see if you are depressed
26th August - "Easier"
How serious a problem is depression?
Chile stops mining project to save penguins
24th August - "Harder"
How important are penguins?
Jews in UK want to leave because of hate crimes
22nd August - "Easier"
How can we reduce the number of hate crimes?
Binge-watching television causes sleep problems
20th August - "Harder"
What is the problem with watching too much TV?
Man buys 5,000 people noodles for finding engagement ring
18th August - "Easier"
What is the best way to propose to someone?
Smiley face emojis could hurt your career
16th August - "Harder"
What do you think of using emojis in e-mails?
Man swims to work every day to beat traffic
14th August - "Easier"
What's the best way to beat the rush-hour traffic?

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