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Europe's top soccer leagues get first female referee
22 May - "Easier"
What do you need to be a top-level referee?
Holland's king reveals secret life as pilot
20th May - "Harder"
What secret life would you like to lead?
Microsoft blames U.S. spy agency for WannaCry
18th May - "Easier"
How safe is your computer from cyberattacks?
China outlines Silk Road plan for global trade
16th May - "Harder"
Will increased global trade bring world peace?
Maori haka and language may keep dementia away
14th May - "Easier"
What's the best way to keep the brain active in your old age?
FBI boss thought his firing was a joke
12th May - "Harder"
What do you think of the FBI boss being fired?
Nicki Minaj to pay college fees for fans
10th May - "Easier"
Should richer people help to pay the school fees of poorer kids?
Swearing can make you physically stronger
8th May - "Harder"
Do you feel better or stronger when you swear?
Exercise pill could replace exercising
6th May - "Easier"
Would you stop exercising if you could get the same benefits from a pill?
Abu Dhabi opens government 'Happiness Cafe'
4th May - "Harder"
How can governments make people happy?
A third of the food we produce is wasted
2nd May - "Easier"
How can we reduce food waste?
Plastic-eating worm could remove the world's waste
30th April - "Harder"
Can a plastic-eating worm save the world? How much good can it do?
China launches first Chinese-made aircraft carrier
28th April - "Easier"
What would it be like to work on an aircraft carrier?
Egg freezing offered as perk to female employees
26th April - "Harder"
What do you think of the idea of egg freezing being offered as a company perk?
Families get government help with housework
24th April - "Easier"
How much do you like housework?
Exercise is contagious because of social media
22nd April - "Harder"
Why do people like to put the results of their runs, cycles, swims, etc. on social media?
USA ends 'patience' with North Korea
20th April - "Easier"
How dangerous is the situation between the USA and North Korea?

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