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Easier News English Stories



World's last male northern white rhino dies
23rd March - "Harder"
Should governments spend more money on conservation than weapons?
Stephen Hawking explained multiverses in final paper
21st March - "Easier"
How do you think our universe will end?
Calls for everyone in England to speak English
19th March - "Harder"
Should we all have to speak several languages?
U.S. student walkout to protest gun violence
17th March - "Easier"
What things would make you protest in the streets?
3D-printer homes to reduce homelessness
15th March - "Harder"
How can we tackle homelessness?
Disease X is a 'big risk' to the world
13th March - "Easier"
How worried are you about a killer virus spreading around the world?
Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un to meet
11th March - "Harder"
How will the talks between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un go?
Japanese robot-wolf to protect farms
9th March - "Easier"
How can we stop animals getting info farms and eating crops?
Thailand to close famous beach to protect coral
7th March - "Harder"
Is tourism a good or bad thing?
Paris Metro fines woman for walking wrong way
5th March - "Easier"
What are the silliest rules you have to follow?
Malnutrition goals in Africa 'very far away'
3rd March - "Harder"
Why are so many children in the world hungry?
Egypt archaeologists find large 'city of the dead'
1st March - "Easier"
How interested are you in ancient treasures hidden under the sand in Egypt?
U.S. companies end ties with gun group NRA
27th February - "Harder"
Are guns necessary to protect people?
Airbnb enters luxury travel market
25th February - "Easier"
What kind of accommodation is best when you go travelling?
NASA spacesuits with built-in toilet
23rd February - "Harder"
What special features do spacesuits need?
Black Panther movie breaks box office records
21st February - "Easier"
How interested are you in super hero movies?
Household items as bad as cars for pollution
19th February - "Harder"
Do we need to stop using perfume and toothpaste to reduce pollution?
Woman thrown off plane for shouting at crying baby
17th February - "Easier"
Should people be happy to set next to a little baby, even if he or she is crying?
American woman wakes up with British accent
15th February - "Harder"
Which is the best accent in the world?
Early humans were bad at drawing
13th February - "Easier"
How important is being able to draw?
Parents anger at $730 Armani school uniforms
11th February - "Harder"
Should school uniforms be as cheap as possible?
Monaco running out of space for millionaires
9th February - "Easier"
Should land be reclaimed from the sea for millionaires' home?
Earth's magnetic poles are about to flip
7th February - "Harder"
Do you ever worry about the end of the world?

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