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Mysterious space object could be monitoring us
16th December - "Harder"
Are there aliens? What would you ask them?
Social media 'destroying how society works'
14th December - "Easier"
Is social media a good or bad thing?
Video of starving polar bear goes viral
12th December - "Harder"
When will governments really act on climate change?
Scientists find a bone from Santa Claus
10th December - "Easier"
What do you think of Santa Claus?
Trump says Jerusalem is Israel's capital city
8th December - "Harder"
How will President Trump saying Jerusalem is Israel's capital city change the region?
UN horror at slave trade in Libya
6th December - "Easier"
Why isn't the world doing enough to stop slavery?
Environmentalists call for worldwide ban on glitter
4th December - "Harder"
How can we reduce our use of plastic?
South Korea government to help people in debt
2nd December - "Easier"
How much of a problem is personal debt?
Soft, robotic muscles 1,000 times stronger
30th November - "Harder"
What do you think of robots that look and feel like humans?
France to try and end violence against women
28th November - "Easier"
What can we do to reduce violence against women?
Light pollution is taking away night's darkness
26th November - "Harder"
How big a problem is light pollution?
Man to take rocket trip to show Earth is flat
24th November - "Easier"
Is the Earth flat or round?
UK Queen celebrates 70th wedding anniversary
22nd November - "Harder"
What is the secret to staying married for 60 years?
Thousands call for Zimbabwe's Mugabe to resign
20th November - "Easier"
What do you think of Robert Mugabe?
Apology after Japanese train leaves 20 seconds early
18th November - "Harder"
How good is the train service in your country?
Millions more have high blood pressure
16th November - "Easier"
How dangerous is high blood pressure?
Where do bugs like to live in your house?
14th November - "Harder"
How happy are you sharing your house with insects and bugs?
Lip-syncing video app sells for $1 billion
12th November - "Easier"
What do you think of having a lip-syncing music video app?
Malaria breathalyzer test could help millions
10th November - "Harder"
What are the chances of all disease disppearing in the next 100 years?
Screen time before bed is bad for children
8th November - "Easier"
How difficult is it to stop children watching TV, tablets or mobile phones before bedtime?
Australia broadband network under attack from birds
6th November - "Harder"
What damage can animals and birds do to the Internet?
Hong Kong's poor live in homes smaller than prison cells
4th November - "Easier"
How much space do you need to live in?

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