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Snake fights for its life on plane

An airplane that flew from Australia to Papua New Guinea had a strange passenger that did not buy a ticket. A snake sneaked inside one of the wings of the jumbo jet. A woman saw the snake hanging from the wing 20 minutes after the plane took off. The snake was a scrub python. Airport officials said it slithered across the runway and then up the plane's wheels. The snake made it all the way to the Papua New Guinean capital, Port Moresby. Passengers watched the snake cling on for its life, but when it landed, the snake was already dead.


Airline workers said the python was hiding inside the wing of the airplane when the plane took off. The plane was flying at 250 mph for 90 minutes in a temperature of -12ºC (minus 12 degrees Celsius). The strong wind blew the snake out of its hiding place. The wind banged the snake against the plane and left bloodstains around the wing. Passengers took videos and photos of the snake. Some people panicked and thought that there were other snakes onboard. They were right to be worried – six of the world's deadliest snakes live in Australia.

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