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ESL / EFL Lesson Activity on a 100th Birthday

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Click this link, listen and type in the words in the spaces. Press the "refresh" button on your browser to play again.

Good Luck.
A British woman got her birthday for 99 years. Emily Donaghue was born in 1909 and always her birthday on May the 3rd. Before her 100th birthday, her son 78-year-old John her real date of birth. She was born on May the 5th. She was born two days later than she . The family found the when they sent a copy of Emily’s birth to Britain’s Queen Elizabeth. The Queen sends every British person a telegram on their 100th birthday. John Donaghue doesn’t why his mother got her birthday wrong.

I will never forget my birthday. I know that. It is too . I remember because I get lots of presents, cake and other . I have also seen my birth certificate, so I can’t make a mistake. And my date of birth is on my . I don’t know how Emily made a mistake. Perhaps birthdays weren’t a long time ago. No one can forget their birthday these days. Our date of birth is in hundreds of computers. I think this is a but nice story. I will it on my birthdays. I hope I live to be one .

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