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Half of British people are about tipping in other countries. Many holidaymakers do not do any research when they go . This can be a big problem because tips and service can be as much as 30 per cent of a traveler’s money. It could also get tourists into embarrassing in a hotel, taxi or restaurant. Many British people do not know you have to tip in America. People can get if they don’t get a tip. There is no of tipping in Japan and it can be awkward to leave a tip. In Italy, it’s easy – the tip is on the .

I’m not sure if I with tipping. It’s what people used to do a long time ago. Today, not everyone is rich. Some people go on holiday with very little money. Their money will soon go down if they have to tip everyone all the time. It’s OK if you’re rich and you got a really good . I feel uncomfortable when someone for a tip. I also don’t like the staff in hotels my bag. I can do that. I can also find my . I don’t need someone to do this for me and then I to give them five dollars.

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