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ESL / EFL Lesson Activity on Watch Phones

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Good Luck.
Every time you a newspaper or look at the TV, there is a new . It’s like science fiction true every day. The latest thing is a watch phone. The electronics company LG up with the British phone company Orange. They will sell a watch phone from August 2009. People can video calls and listen to mp3s on this new device. They can also text into speech. It is sure to be the -have technology of 2009.

I’m by new technology. I think companies make gadgets every year. I think there will be a ring phone. Not the sound ring, but the ring you on your finger. It would be to put a touchscreen on it. I can’t what we’ll have in the year 2099. It will be e-. There will be e-toys, e-cars and even e-people. Everything will be tiny. Maybe we will need glasses to see the controls.

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