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ESL / EFL Lesson Activity on Samoa Tsunami

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Good Luck.
Fresh earthquakes are continuing to panic in Samoa and Tonga. The two South Pacific islands are still to from the four tsunamis that hit them on Tuesday. The death from those killer waves is nearly at 200. Many Samoans to return to their villages. They are staying in the mountains, the sea will turn deadly again. Many of their villages were by the tsunamis. They were caused by a magnitude 8 undersea quake. The aftershocks are registering over 6 on the Richter Scale.

Mother Nature can be . The power of nature is something we cannot . Almost every day we see terrible natural on the news. No one can themselves from a tsunami. It is one of the greatest of nature. Many people have no . They have very little time to get out of harm’s way. People living on flat areas have little chance of . The powerful wave destroys everything in its path. Warning systems do people to the danger, but there are only minutes to act.

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