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ESL / EFL Lesson Activity on Barack Obama

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The world is divided Barack Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize. Many people think he to get it. Many other people are he got it. They say he hasn’t really achieved much in his short time in . Even President Obama said he was surprised to win the prize. The Nobel committee him because of his “extraordinary to strengthen international diplomacy”. Another reason was his work to “cooperation between people”. Obama decided to donate the $1.4 million in prize money to .

Barack Obama won the prize after just 265 days as President. His biggest effort has been in trying to reduce weapons. The world is now watching him . People hope he will bring peace rather than talking about it. Previous prize winners wished Obama well. Archbishop Desmond Tutu said: “It’s an award that to the promise of Obama’s of hope.” Martti Ahtisaari said the award was a message to “ harder for a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict”. Some reporters he won the prize for not being George W. Bush.

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