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Good Luck.
In the near , many of us will not need glasses. Contact lenses will be a of the past. This is because of an amazing new eye . Doctors can now a high-definition lens in our eyes. The lens will our eyesight better than perfect. It is made from a light-sensitive silicone. This is news for us all. We will all have fantastic even when we’re old. Dr. Bobby Qureshi told reporters: “We have the potential here to patients' vision to how it was when they were .”

We usually talk about high definition for great TV pictures. Now we can have eyes. This is a wonderful development. Many people will be to get the new lenses. Of course, it’s really good for long-sighted and -sighted people, and for those with or bad eyesight. One person who had the operation said he could not the change. British TV star Fred Batt said: "It is just like new eyes." The of the operation in the U.K. is around £3,000, or just $5,000.

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