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New research shows that lonely people are more to have high blood pressure. Researchers from the USA that people who feel lonely and do not with others may suffer from higher of blood pressure. They say this is true for people in their 50s or . Researcher Louise Hawkley of the University of Chicago said, “loneliness as though it is a unique health-risk ”. Hawkley said even people with many friends can still feel if they aren’t so happy with their .

This research is a sad. Why do people so lonely today? Maybe loneliness is a thing. A hundred years ago, everyone lived with their family. Everyone had to talk to. Today, things are different. Many people now live alone. Some old people see their family. It seems everyone is too today to think about those who live . Even in countries like Japan, families are up and older people have to live on their own. Perhaps things like Facebook can help them.

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