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ESL / EFL Lesson Activity on the 2010 World Cup

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Good Luck.
Many poor people in South Africa are about the World Cup. The BBC reports that small cannot sell their products near the new soccer stadia. FIFA, the organization that looks world football, controls who can sell things. Its say only commercial partners can trade to a stadium. The BBC interviewed Clement Zulu, a ice cream seller. He said the World Cup is a big gap between the and have-nots. "Big businesses, who don't need the money like we do, are the who will be able to sell here,” he said.

Mr Zulu has a . The World Cup is not only football. It is also about the local community and the local economy. It seems that local people cannot sell their and make some money from the tournament. FIFA only lets big, international companies sell . This is unfair and wrong. The poor people who live near the should be able to work. This would really help the local . Multinational companies charge much prices for things like ice cream and soft drinks. Poorer soccer fans can’t them.

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