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ESL / EFL Lesson Activity on Coffee

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A new says drinking coffee doesn't wake you up. This goes what most coffee drinkers believe. The is from Bristol University in the U.K. Lead researcher Peter Rogers that people who drink coffee only think it gives them a . He said in , caffeine doesn’t make you more . The study suggests a morning coffee only feeds the drinker’s to caffeine. This then makes that person feel . Dr Euan Paul of the British Coffee Association disagrees. He says caffeine increases alertness .

It’s strange that no one can on coffee. Some say it is good for us, others say it isn’t. There are many reports that say it higher blood pressure or that it isn’t safe for women. We can also read that say coffee is good for our brain and or that it’s good for the heart. I the only thing people do on is that we shouldn’t drink too much of it. Coffee is for many of us. We drink it when we wake up and we meet people for a in cafes like Starbucks.

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