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Police in Uganda have two Catholic nuns after a drugs . Officers in Masaka district raided the Bwanda Covent a tip-off that marijuana was growing. They found two acres of the . One of the nuns the police to stop them from the illegal plants. Uganda’s New Vision website said the police were when the nuns . One of the nuns told the police the marijuana was not for . She said they wanted to use it to farm animals.

This will be a difficult for the court to decide. It is very to hear about Catholic nuns growing marijuana. Perhaps even are stories of them using it themselves. Growing marijuana in Uganda is . Noah Serunjogi, a police spokesman, said, “no one is to plant marijuana”. He added that other people might be advantage of the nuns to commit a . The nuns were later by the police without being . However, police are now questioning two male from the convent.

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