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ESL / EFL Lesson Activity on Blood Donation

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Good Luck.
The World Health Organization has for more people to donate blood in poorer countries. They say than one per cent of people blood in 77 of the poorest nations. There is a total of 93 million blood worldwide every year. Half of this is donated in developed . This means fifty percent of the world’s blood goes to help just 16 per cent of the world population. The WHO says this is not . Another for the WHO is that only half of the blood in developing countries is checked. Dirty or blood leads to many diseases.

It’s a little sad that in the 21st century the WHO has to be . Everyone should give blood a year. It isn’t painful. Many people think giving blood – they are afraid of the . If they try just once, they will know it is totally . Donating blood is a very thing to do. The blood you give helps other people to live. Hospitals need of litres of blood every day. I think more blood is today than ever before. There are more people and there are more and operations. Please think about giving blood and others.

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