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ESL / EFL Lesson Activity on Subway Sandwiches

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Good Luck.
New York City has a new restaurant that keeps up towards the . It is at the building of the new World Trade Center. The restaurant is a Subway sandwich . It started at ground level but is higher and higher as each new floor is finished. It is currently next to the 27th floor. It will another 78 floors over the coming as the 105-storey building gets . The Subway restaurant is a very eatery – only the workers working on the site can eat there. It saves them having to make the journey to street to buy lunch.

It’s great that the builders have this restaurant. It’s not that construction workers can’t go at lunch time or out for a sandwich. This Subway sandwich shop they don’t have to. The will also have a different every week. It must be fun to sit at the same for lunch every day and have a higher view of the city. Maybe other stores will think about how they can people who work on high buildings. I’m sure many workers would like to use a gym in their or perhaps sit in a small that goes up and down.

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