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ESL / EFL Lesson Activity on Car License Plates

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Leaders in California are thinking about car license plates into adverts. California a lot of money. This is one idea it has to make to pay off its debts. San Francisco technology firm Smart Plate is developing the for the advertising plate. Developers say when a car has for more than four seconds, advertisements would up on the plate. Democratic state senator Curren Price said: "We're just trying to find ways of generating additional revenues.” California could be the state to introduce this of advertising.

People really need to be before they go ahead with it. Having on car license plates might be dangerous. Drivers could forget they are driving a car and that might accidents. There are already too many things on the road to people. Perhaps the only of these smart plates are if they remind to drive slowly or keep a distance. It seems advertisers want to get into every of our lives. This is a clever of doing that but they must put people’s safety before .

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