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ESL / EFL Lesson Activity on Airplane Food

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A new report on airline food says many served by airlines are prepared in dirty . Inspectors from the USA’s Food and Drug Administration checked the cooking of three big catering companies. They the food for airlines such as American Airlines and United. The inspectors said food was not in cool temperatures and workers used equipment. They also found cockroaches, flies and in the kitchens. One of the , LSG Sky Chefs, said they worked hard to make their customers receive “safe, healthy and high- food".

Airplane food is often the of many jokes. Some people say they really it. This report makes us think a little more about how it is. Many airlines about the quality of their food. Some say it is the same as that in restaurants. Maybe it is better if we bring our own food. At least we can have something from chicken or fish. We would also know it has been cooked . Maybe airlines could try making things. We don’t really need a full of food we’ve never heard of. Perhaps the safest option is to to fruit and biscuits or peanuts.

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