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ESL / EFL Lesson Activity on Paul the Octopus

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Click this link, listen and type in the words in the spaces. Press the "refresh" button on your browser to play again.

Good Luck.
One of the biggest of the World Cup is Paul the octopus. He has become an international superstar for guessing the winners of six World Cup matches. People say he’s psychic – he can the future. His predictions on German TV have been 100 per cent . He predicted Germany’s to Serbia and Spain. German soccer fans now want . There are comments on Facebook suggesting Paul should be , barbequed or into a seafood salad. One fan said he should “be into the shark tank”.

Can an octopus really predict the of football games? Paul’s six-out-of-six suggests there is something about him. German fans’ hearts when he went into a box with the Spanish before the Spain-Germany game. They knew this was a bad for their team. It’s not really fair though for German fans to want to eat him. It’s not really Paul’s fault their team against Spain. Or is it? Perhaps Paul the octopus doesn’t only predict , but puts a on the match to make a team win. Stranger things have .

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