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ESL / EFL Lesson Activity on China's Economy

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China is now the second-largest economy. It has Japan, which became number two in 1968. Experts say China is on to overtake the USA by 2030 to the world’s biggest economic . Newly-released figures China’s economy at $1.33 trillion, just than Japan’s $1.28 trillion. Just five years ago, China’s economy was as small as Japan’s. China still has a way to go to get to number one - America’s economy is currently $14 trillion.

China is experiencing extremely fast economic and is already the world’s biggest . It is also the world’s biggest importer of cars and . Its rapidly growing and population is spending like there’s no . In contrast, Japan has a aging and shrinking population which doesn’t want to . The Japanese are still the richest people in the world. On , a Japanese person earns nearly $38,000 a year, with $3,600 for a Chinese worker.

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