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ESL / EFL Lesson Activity on Lack of Sleep

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Good Luck.
A new study has that people who do not sleep well eat . The research from Colombia University in the U.S. found that people who had problems sleeping ate an of 300 calories per day more than those who got sleep. The researchers said women were affected by a of rest as they consumed 329 more calories a day, to 263 for men. The report said “high- food is tempting” when we are on sleep, and that "ice cream was a ”.

Everyone knows how important sleep is to our , but not all of us get a night’s sleep. If you’re lucky, you sleep as as your head hits the pillow. The unlucky ones have to sheep for hours, and then perhaps the fridge for a midnight . Our body and mind need a lot of . Doctors say we must get eight hours sleep a night. We all need to think more seriously about the health of sleeping well and get into a regular sleep .

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