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ESL / EFL Lesson Activity on Microsoft Buys Skype

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Software Microsoft has bought the Internet telecommunications website Skype for $8.5 . Microsoft hopes to Skype’s free and low-cost telephone and video services to products the Xbox 360 game system and its Bing engine. Industry experts say Microsoft needs Skype and its 600 million customers to compete with Apple and Google in the video market. One analyst Richard Edwards said: “Skype is undoubtedly the Microsoft needs to stay in the ."

The Skype is one of the largest purchases ever by Microsoft. Executives say the company to expand. It currently has only two sources of revenue Рfrom its Windows operating system and its Office of programmes. The latter is used largely by businesses. Microsoft needs to Skype around. In 2010, the company made a of $7 million and has a of $686 million. Only 12 per cent of its customers use Skype’s Internet-to-land-line service. The use the free Internet service.


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