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Jack Kevorkian, a.k.a. “Dr Death”, has at the of 83 at a hospital in Michigan, USA. Dr Kevorkian helped than 130 people who wanted to die to their life. He was the world’s most famous “ to die” campaigner and he likened himself to Gandhi. Kevorkian spent arguing that assisted suicide was a human right. He was to prison for eight years in 1999 for seriously ill people kill themselves. After release in 2007, he promised he would no longer assist in more suicides.

Dr Kevorkian had many and many critics. Many people described him as a -blooded killer. He the headlines in the 1990s with his homemade "suicide " that helped seriously ill people to end their own life. Others him for helping people. His Geoffrey Fieger said: “He was a human who can single-handedly take an entire society…and force it to focus on the suffering of other human beings." Oscar winner Al Pacino Kevorkian in the 2010 movie, “You Don’t Know Jack”.

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