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China opened of the world’s six longest bridges on July the 1st. They are of the country’s high-speed rail network Shanghai and Beijing. Two of the bridges are the longest built. The Jiaozhou Bay bridge is the world's longest -water bridge at 42.5 kilometres. The local Communist party secretary Li Qun said at the ceremony: “It is a magnificent and advanced bridge. It is another stepping in the city's and rapid development.”

The of the bridge is somewhere $1.5 and $2.3 billion, although some estimates put the at nearly $9 billion. The engineers who built it say it is earthquake-proof and typhoon-. It is also strong enough to be by a 300,000-ton ship. As as the Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway, the bridge will around 30,000 cars a day. The new bridges are an important part of China’s efforts to its traffic . Eleven of the world's 15 longest bridges are now in China.

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