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A Spanish restaurant that was best in the world five times has closed. The El Bulli, by award-winning chef Ferran Adria, served its meals this week. He created a special 49-course as a final farewell. The customers on Mr Adria’s last night were his and their families. The courses included of Adria’s unique creations, as squid and coconut ravioli, roses with ham wonton and melon water, and blackberry risotto. The famous restaurant will now a centre for food creativity under the of the El Bulli Foundation.

El Bulli opened in 1984. It was best restaurant in the world a five times by the ‘Restaurant’ magazine, which the opinions of around 800 chefs, critics and food experts. Mr Adria believed his restaurant deserved the of the world’s best. He said: "It is not the best restaurant in the world because that does not ." However, it was an eatery. The food mixed cooking with chemistry and science; it was at lunch time so staff could new dishes; it only served 50 customers a day for six months of the year; and it never a profit.


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