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ESL / EFL Lesson Activity on Plastic Surgery

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A British pet insurance has said plastic surgery for pets is increasing. The insurer, Petplan, reported a 25 per cent in spending on cosmetic surgery for and dogs. In 2010, the company almost $2.5 million for nose operations for dogs and $1.6 million for eyelid lifts. Petplan managers say the in cosmetic surgery means animals can “healthier and more active ”. Many operations are for medical . Some dogs have nose jobs to help breathing problems.

The trend cosmetic surgery on pets in the USA. Pet owners there can pay for different operations for their pets. Dogs can even get braces to their teeth. One of the most operations is eyelid lifts. These are for bulldogs, bloodhounds and other dogs eyelids can drop over their . The operation helps the dog see . The cost of medical insurance for pets is not . Dog lovers must pay an average of $560 a year, while cat have to pay just over $250.

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