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ESL / EFL Lesson Activity on Robot Prison Guards

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A prison in South Korea will have robots as guards. The robo-guards will be on night at a prison in the city of Pohang from March. Officials say this is part of a to see if the robots can do the job as humans. The guards have sensors on them to any strange behaviour among the prisoners. Prison leaders the robots will help human guards focus on helping inmates instead of watching them. The robot warders have so far one billion won ($US850,000) to develop. Prisons the world are waiting to see if the robo-guards are a .

The prison robots will be 150 centimeters high, and weigh 70 kilograms. They have four and several cameras to monitor movement them. They also have equipment to communicate with human guards in the centre. Scientists are now working making them look . They are yellow and white and have faces. South Korea hopes to be a world leader in robotics. It has already designed robots to English in schools and companies are working on robots for the .

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