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ESL / EFL Lesson Activity on Self-Cleaning Clothes

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Good may be on the for people who hate doing the laundry – self-cleaning clothes. Scientists in China are developing a that cleans under the sunlight. This could make washing clothes a of the past. Researchers at Shanghai’s Jiao Tong University and Hubei University created a chemical causes cotton materials to clean themselves the sun. The chemical coating is from titanium dioxide, which breaks dirt and stains, and removes odours when under the sun.

The researchers their discovery is cheap, non-toxic environmentally friendly. Titanium dioxide is of the most widely used chemicals the world. It is in sunscreen, kitchen and bathroom tiles, and odour-free socks. A test showed the chemical completely removed a large orange stain a white piece of cotton cloth in two hours of sunlight. Many stores interested in selling self-cleaning clothes. However, shop owners rainy countries are keeping quiet the product.

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