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ESL / EFL Lesson Activity- Alcohol & Drugs

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A new study around 15 per cent of American surgeons have a problem alcohol or drugs. The University of Washington team looked at 7,197 from doctors who answered questions drink and drugs. The research team was surprised many doctors had problems. Their dependency was than the rate for the general population, is 9 per cent. The team that younger doctors, those with no children, or those in unsatisfactory relationships were more to drink or drugs.

The report is published in the “Archives of Surgery”. It also said that doctors who signs of alcoholism were 45 per cent more likely to that they made a mistake at recently. Less than a third of the surgeons who received the survey it. Lead author Dr Michael Oreskovich said this be because of doctors did not want to answer because they were . The survey also said 14 per cent of male surgeons and 25 per cent of surgeons had alcohol problems.

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