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ESL / EFL Lesson Activity- Coffee

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Good Luck.
A new published in the New England Journal of Medicine has found that coffee drinkers live . The study looked at the coffee-drinking of over 400,000 people a 15-year . The research compared their statistics with those of people who did not drink coffee. The researchers that male coffee drinkers lived ten per cent longer and women lived 15 per cent longer. The report said to six cups of coffee a day to be good for one’s .

Other studies have said coffee could be for our health. Many have focused on the effects of caffeine blood pressure. Head researcher Dr Neal D. Freedman said his study people do not have to about drinking coffee. He wrote that for a long people thought that drinking coffee was a thing to do. He said: “Our results…provide [comfort] coffee drinkers that this isn’t the .” He added that coffee over 1,000 compounds and of these may be good for us.

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