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ESL / EFL Lesson Activity- NASA's Curiosity

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Good Luck.
NASA's new space rover, Curiosity, has sent its first pictures of the Mars landscape. The color image is of the around the robotic rover. The nuclear-powered mobile science landed on Mars on Sunday night. NASA scientists were it touched down and began working immediately. They have been on the for eight years. The picture from Curiosity is from a camera that will detailed photos to see if life ever existed on the red .

It took Curiosity more than eight months to Mars. It travelled a of 566 million km and cost $2.6 billion. NASA said its car- rover is in "great ". Curiosity scientist Ken Edgett could not hide his at how well things are going. He told reporters: "This was basically a focus test. It . It's awesome. We can't to open it and see what we can see." The team will now to see if everything on Curiosity works. It entered the Martian atmosphere at 17 times the speed of sound and undamaged.

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