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ESL / EFL Lesson Activity- Urinating

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A member of Taiwan’s government has men to change their urinating . Stephen Shen, Taiwan’s Environmental Protection Administration minister said men should sit down they urinate instead standing up. He said this would toilets and the environment a cleaner. Mr Shen pointed that women’s toilets were than men’s because they sat down. Sitting down the amount of splashes on toilet floors, and this means there is less and better hygiene.

Mr Shen’s has got a lot of people in Taiwan about toilet habits. Many men say that it would be to sit because they have been standing all their . One suggested Shen should also a skirt. Many women say the idea is a good , especially in homes because it they can spend time cleaning the toilet and floor. Shen said he sits down at home and in . He said that 30 per cent of men in Japan and many in Sweden their habits and now sit down.

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