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ESL / EFL Lesson Activity- 2012 Paralympics

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The most Paralympic Games came to a in London on Sunday night. The 80,000 spectators a three-hour closing ceremony that top music acts. British Prime Minister David Cameron said: "I think it's been an absolute from start to ." His disabled son Ivan died in 2009, six. Mr Cameron said: “I think to Ivan. As every parent does, you think about all the they can't do; but at the Paralympics, they are , you see all the things they can do.”

The 2012 London Paralympics have been the biggest and best . It broke previous records for the Games. More than 2.7 million people went to see the and 4 billion people in over 100 countries it on television. It over $70 million in ticket . A total of 251 records were broken over the 11 days. South Africa’s gold-medal-winning Ocsar Pistorius said “for the time really, [people] believe that Paralympic sport is not just inspirational, it's hard-core sport."

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