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Over 200 schools in England, Scotland and Wales have video cameras in their toilets, rooms and changing rooms. The schools said they want to their children safe from bullying, knife and gun , and drugs. There is now a of 825 cameras in 207 schools. Siobhan Freegard, co-founder of parenting website NetMums, said: "I think everybody that this…is in the open ...where a lot of bullying and difficult behaviour place…An area where teachers are not to be."

Big Brother Watch, a human rights , is worried that the privacy of students is not protected. It said: "Schools need to come about why they are using these cameras and what is happening to the ." One school told parents they have no need to . She said: “The images are not looked at there has been a reported problem, and all are deleted after a of 30 days.” In Britain, all schools using CCTV must the rules in the Data Protection Act.

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