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ESL / EFL Lesson Activity- Elephant Diet

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Good Luck.
Elephants in temples in India’s southern Tamil Nadu are to on a diet. They may seem to have a relaxing life, but they are too and are becoming unhealthy. The elephants are obese and need to kilos. In fact, one temple reports it has an elephant who is 700kg overweight. A temple told the BBC that he was about his elephants and their . He said the elephant at his temple was 500kg overweight and that she is now on a diet to her weight.

There are reasons why the elephants are obese. is that they do not get exercise – they spend long hours up inside the temples. Another cause is their diet – people them sweets, rice and bread, which are all in calories. A large of tourists, including religious pilgrims, the temples every day, so the elephants are generally overfed. The animal is worshipped in India as a god. Many Hindus them because they believe it will them good luck in business.

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