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ESL / EFL Lesson Activity- Soda and Obesity

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New research there is a very strong link drinking soda and obesity. Researchers made a 10-year study of 33,000 Americans. It looked at what they and how much their weight . They said there is now proof that soda and other sugary drinks greatly increases a person's risk becoming obese. The researchers said soft drinks were especially harmful people who have genes that make them on weight easily. The message is for overweight people to drink soda.

Sugary soft drinks are the source of calories for Americans. More than two- of U.S. adults are obese or overweight. One of the for this is they drink too soda. The amount of soft drinks bought and the levels of obesity have more than since the 1970s. Scientists this shows that when people drink more soda, they get . The report might more American cities could introduce a soft-drink tax, like the started in New York City this year.

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