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ESL / EFL Lesson Activity- Petrol from Air

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A small British company developed a way to petrol from air and water. Their technology could in the battle against climate . It could also be an to the world’s energy problems. The company is in the of England and is called Air Fuel Synthesis (AFS). Engineers said they have made five litres of petrol far. It takes 24 hours to make one litre. The company more time to be able to produce their petrol a cheaper cost. They say they could be to sell it in 15 years.

The technique to make the petrol involves carbon dioxide from air and hydrogen from water. It the two chemicals into methanol. This is then into petrol. Peter Harrison, boss of AFS, said his petrol was than that made from oil. “It's actually because it's synthetic,” he said. He : “When oil becomes a problem we will be to [help] to keep cars moving or to aeroplanes moving." Industry Tim Fox said: “It sounds too to be true, but it is true.”


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