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ESL / EFL Lesson Activity- Pink Slime

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A worker who was from an American beef company is the famous celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver. 58-year-old Bruce Smith is because Oliver called the beef at his company “pink slime”. This made the worry about the of the meat. Many schools in America stopped using it in their children’s . Jamie Oliver first said that the beef was in a TV show. He said the meat chemicals that were bad for humans and that you could get "mad cow disease" if you it.

“Pink slime” is meat from the bones of the cow. The where Mr Smith worked made it into a . They used the ammonium hydroxide to all the bacteria in it. It was originally used for food and in cooking oil, and not for by humans. Many food restaurants in America used it in their menus. Hamburger Macdonald’s said it used the meat product in its burgers and nuggets, but they stopped using it from February this year because of concerns.


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